Rachel Berry

Going To Get Quinn // Thursday, November 17th

Rachel had just walked into her apartment when her phone chimed in her hand, it hadn’t been out of reach since Monday. She kept hoping Quinn would call her, or text her to let her know she was OK. She had called almost every hour since 6pm on Monday, and got no response. She was a nervous wreck, she had been down to Quinn’s place the night before after her show and got no response. She honestly didn’t know how she was still functioning and making it to her shows. The director actually told her to take the next few days off until she was feeling better. She had told everyone she was sick. She looked like crap, she hadn’t slept more than an hour at a time since Monday.

As soon as she read the text message, she unhooked Tony from his leash and was out the door. “Sorry baby!” She called as she left “I’m going to find your mommy.” Rachel jumped in her car once she realized she got downstairs with out calling a cab.

She was across the city in no time, she had no concern for speed limits at the moment, she hardly even stopped at stop lights. She was pulling up to Santana’s club about fifteen minutes after she received the first text. She parked int he back lot that both Brittany and Quinn parked in when they had been there and really hopped they remembered her or that Santana told them to expect her.

12:15 a.m. - I’m pulling up now, where is she??

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