Rachel Berry

All My Dreams // Friday December 8th

Rachel an Austin had been called into the directors office four hours before the show on Friday, every single person that passed by stared at the closed door. By the time the meeting hit the second hour everyone in the building knew they were there. And they wanted to know why.

The only time anyone was ever in there that long was to get fired. But he wouldn’t fire the two leads of his show on a Friday night would he? Could he? They were the heart of this show, it wouldn’t make any sense. The rumors backstage were absolutely running wild. The fact that both Rachel and Austin’s agents and managers showed up about three hours in didn’t do anything to calm the rumors.

It wasn’t until thirty minutes before the show when the stage manager came and knocked on the door to tell them that they ha curtain soon and if they were going on stage, they needed to get to make up and wardrobe. The door close again and Rachel and Austin emerged three minutes later and silently headed to their dressing rooms. That Friday night, aside from on stage where you could hardly tell there was anything happening, the theatre was quieter than it had ever been.

As soon as the show ended both actors went to their respective dressing rooms and changed. Austin knocked on Rachel’s door and when she opened it they hugged each other for a long time whispering things on one else could hear. People near by swore they saw Rachel wipe a tear from her eye, but still no one knew what was happening. Well, they had all weekend to figure it out…or so they thought, as far as everyone knew anyways.

Rachel and Austin were picked up by two separate cars at the side entrance and uncharacteristically missed the stage door exit. Something huge was going on and no one knew what it was.

As soon as the door to Rachel’s car was closed she looked up at the driver and gave him a different address than the one he was instructed to drop her off at. He looked at her in the rear view mirror confused before she let out a nearly sobbing “Please”. With that he nodded once and drove off.

Rachel couldn’t hold it in any more and she started crying there in the back seat of a chauffeured car. The driver kept looking at her, but neither say anything until he pulled to a stop. “Um” he said looking at the tattoo shop that sat at the address she’d given him. “I think I have the wrong address”

"No!" Rachel screamed a bit dramatically "This is it. Thank you." She croaked out grabbed her purse and got out of the car. She entered the shop and headed straight for Kim. "I need to see Quinn." She got out in an audible enough volume as she wiped at her eyes. 

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